House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made an appearance on CNN Wednesday, where pretended to be worried about the health of Trump rally goers – but is that really what she cares about?

Wednesday on CNN, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned President Donald Trump was endangering the health of his supporters who are going to attend his rally in Tulsa, OK this weekend.

Pelosi said, “What I am concerned about is the attitude of the President and the vice president of the United States. For the President to have this ego trip, he wants to take to Tulsa to have a mass rally of people coming together endangering their own health and the people that they go home to.”

She continued, “I have concerns about the health of the American people. I have concerns about the statements the President has made, minimizing the risk that the coronavirus has made to their good health. That’s what I’m concerned about.”

“Of course, we always are concerned about the health and safety of the President and the Vice President of the United States and their families. But they should reciprocate in kind and have some concern about the health of the American people and not blame it on the press. They’re blaming this concern about the virus on the press, that it’s something that you all have cooked up.”

“In terms of what they have done, it’s cause for celebration. I don’t think so. But we really have to — this — we have to get this under control. A hundred three months ago, 117,000 now cause for celebration? No, Mr. Vice President, you make me sad because you’re a person of faith. We’re prayerful about praying for a cure and a vaccine and for the good health of the American people, not to minimize the risk they are taking because the President doesn’t want to wear a mask, and he wants an ego trip in Tulsa, Oklahoma.”

While Pelosi claims that her fears about the Trump rally are health related – it’s painfully obvious that they’re politically motivated. The left is petrified of the record breaking support the president will receive at this event.

On top of that, Pelosi has not been worried about the health of Black Lives Matter protestors and has instead come out in support of the large gatherings where people are not social distancing and often not wearing masks.

This leads to the question, is Nancy Pelosi simply a hypocrite pushing a double-standard for Trump rallies – or is she actually a racist and doesn’t care about the lives of BLM protestors?

As if pure outrage wasn’t enough from the deranged left, they are actively trying to sabotage the president’s first post coronavirus pandemic rally.

When they encourage people with COVID-19 to show up at a rally and spread the disease, however, that’s when things have turned very toxic.

A post since flagged for removal on the Tulsa, Oklahoma, Craigslist site is advertising to pay people infected with coronavirus to attend Trump’s rally on Saturday.

“If you have been diagnosed as having the Covid virus and really want to make a difference, we are hiring 20 of you to work in a large scale test on transmission of the virus,” the ad stated.

In another attempt to attack the Tulsa rally, Clark Brewster, the Tulsa, Oklahoma attorney representing porn star Stormy Daniels in an appellate court case against President Trump filed a lawsuit this week seeking an injunction against Trump’s Tulsa campaign rally set for Saturday over coronavirus fears.

Brewster, along with Paul DeMuro, are representing clients who are concerned the rally will be a “super spreader event” of the COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus and want court-mandated social distancing, mask rules and other regulations imposed on the rally. Daniels is not a party to this suit.

The rally at Tulsa’s 19,199 seat BOK Center has received over one million ticket requests according to the Trump campaign. As of Tuesday, there had been only 1,729 confirmed cases in Tulsa County, according to the Tulsa Health Department.

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma judge overseeing the case ruled against Brewster and his attempt to shut down the Trump Tulsa rally.

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