After a fatal CHOP shooting has left one 19-year old male dead, and another in critical condition the Seattle Police Department has released the bodycam footage of officers responding to the scene.

Responding officers were subsequently met by “a violent crowd” preventing them from even reaching the scene.

Police bodycam footage shows officers arriving and marching through the zone with guns drawn as a group of angry protesters yell profanities and approach the officers.

“This is inside the area referred to as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP),” the department said. “Officers attempted to locate a shooting victim but were met by a violent crowd that prevented officers’ safe access to the victims.”

An officer in the video can be heard saying through a bullhorn: “Please move out of the way so we can get to the victim! All we want to do is get to the victim and provide them aid!”

Seattle police said officers had trouble reaching the scene of the shooting because they were met by a “violent crowd.”

Officers later learned that both victims had been taken to Harborview Medical Center by CHOP “medics,” police said. The 19-year-old died of his injuries at the hospital, and the other male was in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

Following reports of the shooting, Seattle Police Officers Guild President Michael Solan told Fox News that “violence has now besieged the area known as CHOP, and it is no longer the summer of love, it’s the summer of chaos.”

Protest organizers held a meeting to discuss the early morning shooting, and some protest volunteers patrolled the area carrying guns. They did not interfere with anyone entering or leaving the zone.

Asked about the shooting Saturday, Gov. Jay Inslee said “we need to have a way for the community to have a way to speak and for police and fire services to be provided.”

“One way or another, we obviously need to provide a way to offer protection for people, and that’s a necessity,” Inslee added.

The Seattle city council member who helped protestors stage the seizure of the area surrounding the city hall is now claiming could be a “right-wing attack.”

In a statement released late Saturday, Kshama Sawant expresses her condolences to the CHOP community and doubles down on demands to “defund the police,” even though violence inside the “cop-free” CHOP has increased markedly over the past week according to long-term residents, who now say they no longer feel safe with the ongoing protest.

“Our deepest condolences go out to the loved ones of the black protester who was tragically killed this morning by gunfire at the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP),” Sawant said. “Socialist Alternative and I stand in solidarity with the family and friends of the victim, and with the injured protester now in the hospital, as well as with all community members and fellow activists.”

She then goes on to claim that the attack shows signs of a “right-wing” plot.

“Though we await confirmation of the details of the killing, there are indications that this may have been a right-wing attack. If so, this would not be the first such attack on the Capitol Hill Black Lives Matter protest,” Sawant suggests.

Aside from Sawant, no other official has accused right-wing saboteurs of the melee that broke out inside CHOP in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Details are scarce, of course, because CHOP “residents” formed a mob, preventing law enforcement officials from attending to the victims or investigating the shooting.

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