What’s Happening:

Rep. Steve Cohen has a history of trying to undermine the Trump administration. He eagerly submitted impeachment resolutions against the president, even before the rest of House Democrats were on board.

He was a central figure during the House’s impeachment proceedings last year, waving around chicken to taunt Republicans.

And now, he is pursuing impeachment charges again. But this time, he’s not targeting Trump but one of his top officials:

A House Democrat who’s a frequent critic of the Trump administration submitted a resolution Tuesday calling for the impeachment of Attorney General William Barr.

House Resolution 1032, filed by U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee, accuses the nation’s top law enforcement officer of using his job to pursue political goals.

Our Take:

Attorney General Barr has a reputation for confronting corruption within the DOJ and Washington, D.C. He assigned U.S. Attorney John Durham to a criminal probe that is investigating the Obama administration’s Russian probe.

It is not a surprise that Rep. Cohen is trying to target him now, as Barr was unwilling to cooperate with Democrats during their impeachment probe.

Cohen charges that Barr has been using his position as AG for political purposes. Furthermore, Cohen says Barr has “undermined the rule of law,” “abused” his power, and “obstructed justice.”

Critics might point out that such accusations would better apply to House Democrats, who broke years of tradition and procedure to rush their impeachment of Trump.

Supporters of the attorney general say this is another attempt by Democrats to undermine President Trump. Since he’s entered office, Democrats have refused to cooperate with his administration.

They talked about impeachment since his Inauguration. It comes as no surprise that a Democrat is doing this just months before the election.

It is unlikely Cohen’s stunt will see the light of day, as even Nancy Pelosi has dismissed further impeachment inquiries.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrat Steve Cohen submitted a resolution to impeach AG Barr.
  • Cohen accused Barr of “abuse of power” and other crimes.
  • Critics have called the move a stunt to undermine the Trump administration.

Source: Fox News

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: New Impeachment Charges Filed By Steve “Chicken” Cohen – Instead Of Trump, He’s Going After AG Barr

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