The Democrats have been called out for fighting for the Chinese Communist Party recently amid rapidly escalating tensions between the U.S. and China.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff who has spent the last four years in office trying to unjustly usher in the downfall of President Trump condemned the Trump admin’s decision to shut down the Chinese consulate in Houston.

The State Department released an official statement describing that the consulate was closed because it had been determined that China had been engaging “for years in massive illegal spying and influence operations throughout the United States against U.S. government officials and American citizens.”

While Schiff acknowledged that China does indeed engage in criminal activity against the United States and its citizens, he suggested that Trump and his admin were too quick to stop it.

Schiff said that the move to close the consulate was a “very dramatic and sudden escalation,” and that it was “all about politics.”

Apparently Schiff would have preferred that President Trump allowed the Chinese to continue their dangerous operations.

Other Dems have been caught in defense of China’s disturbing role in covering up the truth behind the coronavirus pandemic which has ravaged the world.

Democrat House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith claimed that China didn’t have to warn the U.S. about the virus despite their early knowledge of it.

“It’s not actually their job to warn the American people,” Smith said. “It’s the president’s job to warn the American people.”

The coronavirus, which originated in China, is not only a virus that spread from China to the U.S. however which makes Smith’s comment even more foolish. The virus spread to nearly every nation on the planet causing approximately 640,000 deaths globally – which can all be attributed to China’s early failures to contain the virus.

The Democrat’s love for the CCP over the nation they’re supposed to be serving doesn’t stop there, however, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also attempted to diminish China’s key role in the pandemic.

Pelosi working in defense of China, labeled the the Chinese coronavirus as the “Trump virus.”

“Clearly, it is the Trump virus,” Pelosi claimed.

“The Trump virus,” Pelosi later continued. “If they — if he had said months ago, let’s wear masks, let’s not — let’s socially distance, instead of having rallies and political, whatever they were, then more people would have followed his lead – he’s the President of the United States – instead of being a bad example, making it like a manhood thing, not to wear a mask.”

The CDC recommended in April that Americans wear face coverings while in public, and the Trump administration implemented social distancing guidelines in March. Trump held one rally in March while presumptive Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden held eight along with countless members of the left advocating for “social justice” protests and riots – many of which were packed with thousands of people not wearing masks.

Biden has regularly falsely claimed that China is “not competition for” the United States, a claim that is widely dismissed by politicians in both parties. Nearly every top expert agrees that China is the greatest threat to the U.S.

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