New polls reveal that one presidential candidate is picking up steam while another is seeing his chances of winning the election quickly fade away.

Out of the polls, at least one is notably left leaning and shows that President Trump is rapidly picking up ground on his Democratic competitor Joe Biden in nearly all battleground states.

Change Research, which operates as polling apparatus largely for Democratic candidates and organizations, is out with a new poll Wednesday showing Trump making big gains on Biden in “toss-up” states across the board, from Arizona to Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida — states Biden led by a considerable margin just two weeks ago.

The poll also indicates that places that have seen some of the worst civil unrest due to the riots — which Democrats have allowed — have seen some of the most impressive growing support for President Trump.

The latest Change Research poll shows that Trump has now largely closed the gap on Biden and sits well within the margin of error in Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania, while growing closer to that range in Michigan and Wisconsin, where he’s behind by just 4 and 5 points, respectively.

The poll which likely inflates Biden’s numbers through its biased polling, tracks along with other individual state-based polls, particularly one out of Minnesota, which has been moving in Trump’s direction since late May, shortly after the death of George Floyd and the subsequent violent riots that followed in the Democrat led city and others throughout the nation.

“Between the explosion of violence in Minnesota since the George Floyd protests began and the traction the ‘defund the police’ movement has gotten there vis-a-vis Minneapolis PD, swing voters may be more receptive to the ‘law and order’ option on the ballot than they are in other states,” Hot Air speculates.

“That’s big news for Trump since he’s been hammering his law-and-order message nationally lately, both rhetorically and via actions like building up the federal presence in Portland.”

With the continuation of the nationwide riots, they seem to have lost the support of the average Democrat as they become more and more violent and expose that their movement has nothing to do with “justice” as they claim.

Areas like the Pacific Northwest have proven to be particularly damaging for the Democrats, as Seattle’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest and Portland’s ongoing courthouse riots have dominated headlines with left-wing media outlets unable to coverup the violent behavior which the Dems have condoned.

While Trump’s powerful message of keeping Americans safe via “law and order” during these troubling times has certainly been effective, Bidens display of weak leadership may be even more damaging to his chances at the presidency. POLITICO suggests that recent unrest has pulled Democrats, including Biden, further left, into unpopular political territory.

“The coronavirus pandemic and the economic devastation it’s unleashed are pushing Joe Biden and the Democratic Party further to the left on health care,” the outlet reports, noting that Biden is now “inching closer” to a “Medicare for All” plan, similar to those proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren during the Democratic primaries, as a way of courting progressives left cold by the nomination process.

Biden’s adaptation of radical left ideologies as part of his campaign has certainly not benefited him in the polls – and it may very well be the end of his flailing presidential campaign.

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