As Antifa and Black Lives Matter Riots continue to ravage the country, Republican Senator Ted Cruz is looking to expose these riots for what they truly are, calling them, “organized terror attacks.”

“Across the country, we’re seeing horrific violence, we’re seeing our country torn apart. Violent anarchists and Marxists are exploiting protests to transform them into riots and direct assaults on the lives and safety of their fellow Americans,” Cruz said during an interview.

On Tuesday, Cruz will chair a hearing of the Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution to investigate groups such as Antifa, who have stoked violence in communities across the U.S. after the death of George Floyd.

The hearing is called “The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble: Protecting Speech by Stopping Anarchist Violence.”

“These violent riots are not spontaneous, nor are they mere coincidences. Instead, the evidence suggests they are organized terror attacks designed to instill fear and tear down the fundamental institutions of government. This hearing is designed to understand who is driving the violence, who is driving the assaults, who is driving the murders, and what their objective is,” Cruz said.

Speakers will include Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli, journalist Andy Ngo and law professor Jonathan Turley. It comes after two months of protests and violent riots hit downtown Portland, where rioters have attacked the Hatfield Courthouse and clashed with federal law enforcement protecting it.

“The hearing will assess who is driving the violence, who is driving the assaults, who is driving the fires, who is driving the explosions, who is driving the murders, why are they doing so, how are they doing so and what do they hope to achieve through violent acts of terror?” Cruz said.

Cruz will also steer the hearing to take a look at the radical Marxist group Black Lives Matter. Cruz says the phrase “black lives matter” is “unquestionably true” but that the organization is a danger to us all.

“The actual organization denominated Black Lives Matter was created by avowed Marxists pursuing a radical agenda including defunding police departments across the country and that agenda, if implemented, would have the consequence of a great many more Black lives being lost,” Cruz said.

While Cruz remains hopeful that Republicans and Democrats can find common ground in the Senate to condemn these dangerous groups the Democrats past support for them makes that a challenging proposition.

Cruz said, “All of us should be able to come together and say ‘don’t assault other Americans, don’t burn their homes or businesses to the ground, don’t murder police officers.’”

Law enforcement in Portland were blinded by lasers, assaulted and doxed online. Democrats, meanwhile, both on the local and federal level, backed these bloodthirsty anarchists by lending them support while criticizing the president’s necessary response to them.

“When Nancy Pelosi calls federal law enforcement officers stormtroopers and that is a term that hearkens back to Nazi Germany, when she wrongfully alleges that they are kidnapping Americans, that is a grotesque lie, and a slander and it endangers the lives of law enforcement,” he said.

“It reflects the very unfortunate political determination that a lot of Democrats have made — that given the choice between standing with innocent Americans or violent terrorists seeking to hurt their fellow citizens, to date too many of them have stood with terrorists,” he said.

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