Chad Wolf, the acting secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, gave a “reality check” to the mainstream media after they blamed the federal officers for the violence in Portland after they were sent to protect the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse from rioters.

In the weeks since Oregon State Police took over the security for the courthouse, rioters have moved on and began to once again attack different Portland Police Bureau buildings in the city.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Wolf posted screenshots of different articles that blamed federal officers for the riots and highlights how he PPB has had to declare riots and unlawful assemblies almost every day since the agreement between DHS and the Oregon state government.

The articles were published by The Washington Post, TIME, and the Associated Press.

On one night, black bloc rioters assaulted and harassed two elderly women who tried to stop them from attacking a PPB building.

Indeed, when I was on the ground in Portland prior to the agreement being made, I saw how the Federal Protective Service warned the rioters to stop their destructive criminal acts multiple times. When it became clear the rioters would not leave on their own, that’s when the federal officers had to come out to push people away from the fence and put out the fires that had been started.

Author: Julio Rosas

Source: Town Hall: DHS Secretary Provides a ‘Reality Check’ to the Media After Blaming Federal Officers for Portland Riots

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