In a Tuesday interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, the president delivered a grim warning about mail-in voting, calling it a “rigged election waiting to happen.”

President Trump asserted that an election heavily dependent on mail-in voting – as the Democrats are hoping it will be – would lead to “catastrophic corruption.”

“This whole thing with his mail-in ballots, that’s a rigged election waiting to happen. It’s rigged and everyone knows it,” Trump said.

“You can’t send out 16 million mail-in ballots … who knows who’s getting them?” he argued. “The mailmen are going to get them, people are going to just grab batches of them and you talk about China and Russia, they’ll be grabbing plenty of them. It’s a disaster. It’s a rigged election waiting to happen.”

The president and much of the GOP have long warned about the potential dangers associated with mail-in voting. The RNC and the Trump reelection campaign have doubled their legal budget this year to hit back at efforts by Democrats to overhaul voting laws using the pandemic as an excuse to make this transition they have long been calling for.

Democrats and their left-leaning allies in the mainstream media have attempted to convince people that mail-in voting fraud is very “limited” but in actuality, it is a rapidly increasing phenomenon which the left has been known to take advantage of to suppress Republican voters.

“It’s just common sense,” Trump argued. “You wouldn’t even have to know anything about politics or elections. It’s common sense.”

Trump clarified that because of the process required to obtain an absentee ballot, such voting is safer than general mail-in balloting — and pointed to a voter-fraud scandal out of New Jersey as evidence that universal mail-in voting would cause widespread problems.

“An absentee ballot is okay …,” he said, “but these mail-in ballots where they send millions of them all over the country, it’s going to be a rigged election, and this country shouldn’t allow it.”

If the courts don’t intervene, “you’ll never know who won the election,” Trump warned.

The process “can’t work,” he said plainly. “It hasn’t worked in little districts. Small little defined districts, they can’t do it. It’s an impossibility. Plus, the post office isn’t set up for this. The post office is not set up for millions — when you look at what they did in Nevada … where they’re sending millions of ballots [to registered voters] and you don’t have to have a confirmed signature, there’s nothing to say that that person signed it.”

“It’s going to be catastrophic corruption,” he insisted.

About 75% of Americans are eligible to vote by mail in November’s presidential election – the most in history – according to a report in The New York Times on Tuesday.

The organization’s analysis said that if election turnout increases in accordance with predictions, about 80 million mail ballots would be sent to election offices this fall, a figure that is more than double the number of ballots that were returned four years ago.

In nine states and Washington, D.C., every registered voter will be mailed a ballot ahead of the election. Voters in 33 states will be allowed to cast an absentee ballot without an excuse.

In eight states, every registered voter will be mailed an application to request an absentee ballot. In 25 states, voters will need to acquire an application for an absentee ballot themselves. And, in another eight states, voters still need an excuse beyond coronavirus to vote absentee.

While all 50 states have at least some mail voting, 24 states – as well as the District of Columbia – have expanded access to mail ballots this year.

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