New audio from a Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company plant training session on what is and is not acceptable in the workplace has been released and provides further details of what was discussed.

Throughout the audio, the unidentified speaker noted racial graffiti in the locker room and detailed “acceptable” messaging while at work.

“Some people may wish to express their views on social justice or inequity or equity issues such as black lives matter or LGBTQ pride on their face coverings, shirts, or wristbands. That will be deemed approved because it applies with a zero-tolerance stance,” said the speaker.

“However if any associate wears all, blue, white lives matter shirts or face coverings, that will be not appropriate.”

According to the speaker, the rules were implemented in order to provide a better work environment to ensure “everybody feels good,” – which apparently applies to everyone except for those that support police or President Trump.

“The rules around now what you can wear,” the speaker continued. “Let’s try and comply with these so you know everybody feels good in this factory. I want to make sure guys, think about what we do in this factory, in this factory right. We all work together to make tires that’s what we do. That’s what we get paid to do. So, let’s continue to do that and do the right thing and keep this place what it has always been, a good place to work.”

After the leaked slide from an employee training course at the Goodyear Topeka plant went viral, revealing a discriminatory policy that allows “Black Lives Matter” and LGBT shirts and apparel but not Blue Lives Matter or All Lives Matter, or MAGA, Goodyear has been under the spotlight as such a practice indicates not only clear discrimination, but also strong support for the dangerous Marxist group “Black Lives Matter.”

President Trump even went as far as calling for a boycott of Goodyear tires, saying that he would be open to removing them from the presidential limousine.

Goodyear President and CEO Rich Kramer spoke out to defend the battered company in a tweet, Kramer issued a lengthy letter about Goodyear’s policies.

The letter read: “A message from Rich Kramer: By now, you are aware of a visual from our Topeka factory that has been circulating in the media. I want to personally clear the record on what you are seeing and hearing.”

“The slide in question was created by a plant employee to try to explain what is acceptable to wear in the workplace. The slide was not approved or distributed by Goodyear Corporate or anyone outside of that facility,” Kramer wrote.

“I deeply regret the impression it has created and want to clarify Goodyear’s position,” the letter continued, pointing out that the company has long prohibited political expression in the workplace.

“First, to be clear, Goodyear does not endorse any political organization, party, or candidate. We have a longstanding corporate policy that asks associates to refrain from workplace expressions in support of any candidate or political party.”

The next part of the letter indicates that Goodyear has seemingly had a change of heart on the issue and will now allow employees to express support for police:

“Goodyear strongly supports our law enforcement partners and deeply appreciates all they do to put their lives on the line each and every day for our communities,” the letter continued. “We have proudly supplied tires to police and fire personnel for more than 100 years and that relationship is foundational to our company.”

“We have clarified our policy to make it clear associates can express support for law enforcement through apparel at Goodyear facilities.”

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