President Trump blasted the Democrats over their disgusting attempts to “steal” the election, using COVID-19 as the excuse.

“What they’re doing is using COVID to steal our election,” Trump said Monday from Charlotte, N.C., where he was officially re-nominated by the GOP after an in-person roll call vote

The president went on to slam universal mail-in ballots as he has done for months as the Democrats insist on using the fraud-riddled voting method.

“The small election can’t even handle the mail-in vote,” Trump said, referring to primary elections for states like New Jersey and New York.

The president called voting by mail “very, very bad,” and said that the Democrats were trying to use this similar to the way the Obama White House spied on the Trump campaign.
“Bad things happened last time with the spying on our campaign … and this time they’re trying to do it with the whole post office scam. … Be very careful and watch it very carefully,” Trump said. “We have to win. This is the most important election in the history of our country.”

Throughout the rest of his speech, President Trump went on to tout his administration’s response to the coronavirus and denouncing China for sending it to us.

“We are fighting off this horrible thing that was delivered by China,” Trump said. “And I let them know, we’re never going to forget it.”

He added: “We’re going to do better economically than last year — but we can never forget the 175,000 people — which will go up.”

The president went on to tout his early efforts in banning travel from China and Europe in March.

“I put the ban on highly, heavily infected people coming to our nation from China that everyone told me not to do,” Trump said, while saying that those people have since “apologized.” “I did it with Europe, too,” Trump added..

Trump also addressed treatments and vaccines for the coronavirus, namely, discussing convalescent plasma and remdesivir.

“You’ll soon see vaccines pouring out years ahead of what they would have been under a more traditional, let’s use that term because it’s nicer, a more traditional administration, where they would have taken years to come up with this stuff,” Trump said. “We’re coming up with it like nobody’s ever seen before.”

Trump then pivoted to celebrate the success of his administration – pointing out how much they were able to accomplish in under four years. Trump touted his efforts in securing the border, building the wall — a 2016 campaign promise — bringing back American manufacturing jobs, and “defeating the entire ISIS caliphate.”

The president went on to discuss his efforts in the Black community, saying that he has done more for historically Black colleges and universities than any president before, touting his administration’s efforts with criminal justice reform and opportunity zones.

Trump went on to say that Joe Biden and the radical left are trying to turn America socialist but he said, “Our country will never be a socialist country.” Acknowledging what’s at stake here, he continued, “This is so important, we have to win.”

“Thank you everybody for this incredible support. Be very, very careful,” Trump said. “This is going to be, and I really believe this, this is the most important election in the history of our country.”

He concluded, “Don’t let them take it away from you.”

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