President Trump has received a significant bump in the polls in the aftermath of last week’s Republican National Convention (RNC), jumping to a three-point lead in the national popular vote and a seven-point lead in key battleground states in the Democracy Institute/Sunday Express Poll released Sunday.

The Democracy Institute/Sunday Express Poll, conducted between Wednesday August 26 and Friday August 28, shows that President Trump leads Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden 48 percent to 45 percent in the national popular vote, showing a bump since the survey was least released at the start of August.

The president now also leads Biden by an impressive seven points in key battleground states, a two point bump from the five point lead he had in the same survey.

Another survey, the Morning Consult Poll, conducted on Friday, August 29, the day after the convention ended, showed the president received a four point bump from the RNC.

The Democrats failed to receive a significant boost from their lackluster convention, with only 8 percent of poll respondents saying the DNC made them “more likely” to support a Biden-Harris ticket while 21 percent said the RNC made them “more likely” to support Trump-Pence.

While this president doesn’t rely too heavily on polls after embarrassing Hillary Clinton in 2016 when every expert said Donald Trump didn’t stand a chance based on the polls – the bump in the surveys is indicative of his still-growing support.

Biden is still ahead in an average of all polls, however, according to Real Clear Politics who currently shows Biden with a 6.9 percent lead in the national popular vote and a 2.7 percent lead in the battleground states of Wisconsin, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona.

Voters are beginning to see through the Democrats’ shallows tactics of driving division and in many cases even inciting the violence that we have seen throughout the country.

Minorities in particular are awaking to the lies the Democrats have fed them for all too long. 19 percent of black voters now support President Trump, a significant leap from the 8 percent who supported him during 2016.

Hispanics have similarly increased their support for President Trump – rising up to 39 percent versus 28 percent in 2016.

In the electoral college vote projection, the poll projects the president will increase upon his 2016 election day electoral college margin of 306 to 232 over Hillary Clinton by picking up the states of Minnesota (10 electoral college votes) and New Hampshire (4 electoral college votes), while holding on to all the states he won in 2016, though possibly losing the one electoral college vote from Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, bringing him to 319 electoral college votes to Biden’s 219 electoral college votes.

The Democrats made a major miscalculation when deciding to side with violent groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Public approval for the Black Lives Matter has dropped significantly in recent months as they have set out to destroy property and attack police officers all while getting the OK from top Democrats.
Voters are also largely worried about Biden’s leadership – concerned that he may be too weak to get the job done.

Seventy percent of poll respondents say President Trump is a strong leader, while only 24 percent say Biden is a strong leader. Similarly, poll respondents fear Biden will fail to stand up to China, picking President Trump to a better job with 67 percent of support to Biden’s 31 percent.

Some feel that Biden’s mental state makes him a liability for the country. 59 percent of poll respondents “think Joe Biden is experiencing some form of cognitive decline, such as the early stages of dementia,” and 48 percent of poll respondents say their “opinion of Joe Biden’s mental acuity” makes them less likely to vote for him.

With November 3rd quickly approaching general polling shows that the momentum is largely on President Trump’s side and support behind Joe Biden is quickly deteriorating.

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