The mastermind behind the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth campaign that effectively targeted 2004 Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, paving the way for George W. Bush’s reelection, is now spearheading an ad campaign targeting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in swing states.

The PAC Preserve America, supervised by Chris LaCivita, began running commercials in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. “Roughly $25 million of the total buy will be invested on TV, a figure that nearly matches what America First Action and Priorities USA have spent on the airwaves over the course of the entire election cycle. The remaining $5 million will appear on digital platforms,” Politico reported.

LaCivita stated, “The radical left-wing mob is trying to destroy our country from within and Joe Biden is too weak to stop them. It’s a concern shared by a growing number of Americans and we intend to spread their message far and wide over the coming months.”

Using the theme of preserving law and order, two of the first commercials to be released feature a woman whose police officer husband was killed in Dallas in the line of duty and a retired Los Angeles police lieutenant who speaks of the execution-style murder of his 23-year-old daughter, whom he says was killed by a gang member because her father was a police officer.

The first commercial features Alyssa Cordova. She states:

When my husband was killed I was five months pregnant. To see all this going on in the world, I don’t want my kids to ever be afraid to honor their dad. To say, “Hey, I back the police.” With this whole “Defund the police” movement, they defaced the law enforcement memorial wall; they put “Murderers.” That’s my husband’s name on there. My husband was murdered. I haven’t heard Joe Biden stand up for law enforcement, which says a lot. You’re part of the problem because you’re condoning it. What kind of a leader are you?

“It’s a lack of respect,” she continues. “Joe Biden in office could go with all these people rioting and looting; it’s scary to think of. How do we want to raise our children? Do we want to raise them in a situation where’s there’s law and order or do we want to raise them in chaos?”

The second commercial features John Gillis, a retired Los Angeles police lieutenant. He states:

I’m a retired police lieutenant and I enjoyed helping people. The career was great up until the tragedy in my life. The local gang member murdered my daughter because I was a police officer. It was just a cold-blooded execution.

“Those folks in uniform put their life on the line every day,” Gillis continues. “They’ve been talking recently about ‘Defund the police.’ The people who suffer the brunt of this will be minority and the poor communities. Joe Biden is not going to take a stand. He can’t do the tough things that need to be done; he’s too worried about popular opinion; that’s his character. He would be easily persuaded by other people.”

“If we don’t go with the president we have now, I think we’re really in trouble as a nation,” Gillis concludes. “Hopefully that’s not going to happen here in America.”

Videos below:

Author: Hank Berrien

Source: Daily Wire: WATCH: Swift Boat Campaign Mastermind Starts Running Powerful Commercials Targeting Biden

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