President Trump spent part of Thursday speaking to supporters in Biden’s home state of Pennsylvania, where he revealed to the crowd that if it weren’t for the Chinese virus, he wouldn’t even have to hold rallies.

“If we didn’t get hit by the plague, between us, I would’ve canceled most of the rallies,” Trump said during a rally at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in Latrobe. “I wouldn’t need them.”

Trump suggested that the election would have been a major landslide in favor of his reelection just off of his performance over the past four years until China sent us the coronavirus and the mainstream media overhyped it as an attempt to undermine his presidency.

“Before the China virus this election was over,” the president continued. “Now I’ve got to get back to work.”

The president then tore into Joe Biden during the 90 minute rally, exposing to Pennsylvanians Biden’s plans to “surrender your jobs to China” and “surrender your nation to the radical left wing mob”

“Biden spent the last 47 years shipping Pennsylvania jobs to China and other nations. I spent the last four bringing them back,” Trump said, adding that he the Obama / Biden administration’s “pure war” on fracking, coal and natural gas, major industries in the state.

Trump noted that he is “truly an environmentalist.” “You have to understand… all these places, China, fuming up while we’re doing our job beautiful, no. They have to do their job also otherwise it just doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.” He touted his work pulling out of the Paris Agreement.

Trump also pointed to Biden’s anti-police stance saying he would leave us all defenseless. “Biden will never protect your jobs or family. He is a puppet of the socialist, Marxist, cop-hating extremists.”

He said that Biden had spent an entire summer silent while “rioters, looters and violent extremists marched through the streets chanting ‘death to America.’”

“Biden’s plan is to appease domestic terrorists. My plan is to arrest them and prosecute them.”

Trump was speaking before a crowd of hundreds in an airport hangar. The rally comes as Trump’s campaign as been rapidly gaining on Joe Biden especially in longtime Democratic strongholds like Pennsylvania, where experts argue the president is in a better position than he was in 2016, citing Democrats’ shrinking voter registration advantage.

Much of that momentum has come from Trump’s condemnation of Democrat sponsored riots. Realizing that the violence they have supported across the Biden is backfiring on them – with Biden falling fast in the polls – the Democrats are just now starting to speak against the violence, but it may be too late for them.

Trump’s campaign has succeeded in pointing out Biden’s “weak on crime” approach and voters won’t forget that any time soon. Trump is winning back voters from every demographic as a result and they expect better margins among African Americans, Latinos and union supporters.

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