President Trump landed the endorsement of hundreds of senior military leaders Monday. The endorsements come just two weeks ahead of the first election debate with former Vice President Joe Biden.

“The 2020 election affords the American people an urgently needed opportunity to affirm their devotion to the Constitution of the United States and to the American way of life. As senior leaders of America’s military, we took an oath to defend the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic. At present, our country is now confronted with enemies here and abroad, as well as a once in a century pandemic. As retired military officers, we believe that Donald J. Trump has been tested as few other presidents have and is the proven leader to confront these dangers,” a letter donning 235 signatures states. “President Trump’s resolute stands have deterred our enemies from aggression against us and our allies. The proposed defense cuts by the Democrats will, in our professional judgment, create a potentially perilous situation for the United States during a time of great external and internal threats to our Nation.”

In addition to giving an endorsement, military leaders heavily criticized the record of President Obama and Vice President Biden.

“During the Obama/Biden administration, America’s armed forces were subjected to a series of ill-considered and debilitating budget cuts. The Democrats have once again pledged to cut defense spending, undermining our military strength,” the letter continues. “The Democrats’ opposition to border security, their pledge to return to the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, their antagonism towards the police and planned cuts to military spending will leave the United States more vulnerable to foreign enemies.”

You can read the lengthy list of names here.

The endorsements come shortly after The Atlantic Magazine published a discredited story alleging President Trump didn’t want to visit a WWI cemetery in France because the men who died there were “suckers and losers.”

Author: Katie Pavlich

Source: Town Hall: President Trump Lands Endorsements From Hundreds of Military Leaders

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