While Black Lives Matter continues to sell itself as a social justice group – that couldn’t be further from the truth, and this startling new data proves that.

According to the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED), a total of 95% of the riots experience over this summer can be linked to Black Lives Matter. Additionally, nearly 6% of all protests included rioting, looting, or similar violence.

ACLED is a nonprofit organization that tracks conflict across the globe. Its U.S. project that collected the summer protest data is supported by Princeton University. The project’s spreadsheet collating tens of thousands of data points documents 12,045 incidents of U.S. civil unrest from May 26, 2020 to Sept. 5, 2020.

May 26 is the day after George Floyd’s death in police custody with enough fentanyl in his system to have died of an overdose if police had never touched him.

The Marxist BLM movement has accounted for widespread destruction across the country – destroying people’s businesses, homes, and public buildings at a time where the coronavirus shutdowns have already placed a strain on the economy.

Early estimates from insurance agencies say the cost of this summer’s rioting will set a record surpassing that of the 1992 Rodney King riots, which cost an inflation-adjusted $1.2 billion. Much of that will be paid by taxpayers in the form of overtime and hazard pay for police and EMTs, emergency room visits, destruction of public property, and more.

Property Claim Services, a company that tracks insurance claims filed due to riots and the like, found that the left-wing riots that occurred between May 26 and June 8 of this year could reach $2 billion in insurance claims. The company acknowledges “this is still happening, so the losses could be significantly more.”

These estimates are based only on insurance claims, meaning that “U.S. companies have learned the hard way that their insurance doesn’t cover business interruption related to the coronavirus, most policies emphatically do cover riot-related losses,” according to far-left outlet Axios.

This means essentially that the total damage is even higher – and this only calculates the total damage which is covered by insurance.

According to the ACLED record, rioting occurred in the United States this summer not just in Portland, New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, and other large U.S. cities, but in small and midsize cities such as Fort Collins, Co. (population 170,000), Cottonwood Heights, Utah (population 33,800), Gilbert, Ariz. (population 258,900), Wichita, Kan. (population 388,800), and Davenport, Iowa (population 382,600). Forty-seven states have seen riots this summer.

There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight, however, as Black Lives Matter has received support from major corporations and left-wing politicians – giving them the green-light to continue with their plans to wreak havoc in U.S. cities.

Law enforcement are the last line of defense between regular Americans and these destructive BLM terrorists – which is exactly why Democrats have targeted the police as the enemy with their push to defund them.

Make no mistake about it, this is an all out attack on everything we hold dear as Americans, and with the help of the Democrats, BLM is pushing for an all out revolution in our country.

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