BLM militants opened fire on police and put two of them in the hospital Wednesday night during riots which ensued after the charges were announced against the officers involved in a shootout at the home of Breonna Taylor which led to her death.

Both officers are considered to be in stable condition after being rushed to the hospital and one endured surgery.

Body camera footage recorded by an officer who was patrolling in a line of other cops shows a chaotic scene just prior to the shots ringing out.

Fireworks exploded above a near-empty street as the cops moved down the middle of the road, the video shows. A barrage of gunfire then erupts as the officers shout “shots fired,” according to the footage.

The local branch of the FBI said on Twitter that its SWAT team responded to an officer shooting and was assisting in the investigation.

Though the mainstream media will likely try to pitch this as a “mostly peaceful protest” it was anything but that as other videos show the BLM rioters attempting to set fire to the courthouse which had its windows boarded up in preparation for these destructive riots.

In another video from the scene, Antifa and BLM protestors could be seen unloading shields, riot gear and signs from the back of a U-Haul. Many were dressed all in black bloc as they clamored around to get the gear.

“Shields, we got shields!” A voice yelled as people ran to the truck.

The shields taken from the U-Haul were then used on the front lines of a protest march. Protestors with shields blocked Louisville police cars in the streets, standing in front of the cars and refusing to move.

Riots were expected in Louisville today, as the National Guard was called in, police were put in readiness for a state of emergency, and Mayor Greg Fischer implemented a curfew. None of that put a stop to the beginning of the street protests in the city.

President Trump on Wednesday praised Kentucky’s Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear for calling in the National Guard just hours before the two police officers were shot during protests after a grand jury decision in the Breonna Taylor case.

“I will be speaking to the governor, we have a call scheduled,” Trump said during a press briefing at the White House. “I understand he’s called up the National Guard. That’s a good thing. It’ll all work out.”

Anticipating the violence that would ensue regardless – as leftists devout of reason seem hell-bent on joining militant groups like BLM and Antifa to wreak havoc on American cities – Beshear called on the state’s attorney general to publicly release all the facts in the case.

“I believe that the public deserves this information,” Beshear said. “So I previously made what I would call a suggestion to the attorney general, and now I’m making the request that he post online all the information, evidence and facts that he can release without impacting the three felony counts in the indictment issued today.”

One of three police officers involved in the Louisville, Ky., drug operation that led to the death of Breonna Taylor in March 2020 was indicted Wednesday on criminal charges.

Officer Brett Hankison, who was fired in June, was indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree for shots that were fired into a neighboring apartment, a Jefferson County grand jury decided Wednesday. Neither the grand jury nor the presiding judge elaborated on the charges.

A warrant has been issued for Hankison’s arrest and a bond is set at $15,000 cash. Hankison faces up to five years on each count if convicted.

In August, Louisville settled with the family of Breonna Taylor for $12 million, as well as an agreement to institute police reforms.

The AG revealed today that warrant the officers served was not served in a “no-knock” fashion as many have claimed was the case – which is the reason for the false narrative that officers barged in and shot Taylor while she was sleeping in bed.

Taylor, who was involved in her boyfriend’s drug dealing operation, was shot and killed in the crossfire when he opened fire on police officers after they announced their presence and proceeded to enter the apartment.

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