As the election grows closer, yet another impressive sign has been revealed that support for the president is rapidly trending upwards at the perfect time.

The Republican National Committee reported that August donations backing the president shattered the party’s previous fundraising record, bringing in a staggering $67.6 million. This brings the RNC’s total for the current campaign cycle to $1.3 billion.

The party and Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Secrets that the donations marked the best ever for an August fundraising push. The numbers also marked the best online fundraising August ever, raising nearly four times what the party did in the previous four Augusts combined.

The beyond impressive fundraising numbers serve as a key indicator of support for the president – giving the GOP a timely boost in confidence with the election approaching.

McDaniel said that this is driven by “real Americans” who believe in President Trump’s agenda. “This campaign is powered by real Americans who are motivated by raw enthusiasm for President Trump and a genuine belief in his agenda”

The Trump team is taking a similar approach to 2016, when the mainstream media was obsessed with the fact that the Democrats spent more on TV – and were sure that would land them a victory.

President Trump and his campaign are far more reliant on their ground game and grassroots support.

“From now until Election Day, our unparalleled infrastructure, battle-tested Get Out The Vote operation, and historic grassroots army will work each and every day to reelect President Trump and Republicans up and down the ballot,” she continued.

The RNC effort funds what McDaniel called the largest field and data operation in party history: 2,000 and enough volunteers to top the 2.2 million who helped former President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign.

So far, it has made 100 million voter contacts, and it has spent over $250 million on voter contact efforts to promote the whole Republican ticket.

On top of that, the GOP is outspending Biden and the Democrats online where Americans primarily get their news these days. The NYU Ad Observatory said that Trump has outspent Biden 2-1 on Facebook.

While the Biden campaign has more cash to work with, his frequent use of TV ads will likely deplete those funds faster – and the Democrats decision to keep Biden locked up in his basement as frequent as possible certainly isn’t doing them any favors while President Trump is brewing up real energetic support with his impressive in person rallies.

And the party is reserving a cache of dough for the expected legal challenges planned by Democrats in key battleground states where the race is close.

The party is ramping up its legal team and promoting its website,

An official said, “The party is currently involved in approximately 40 legal battles, fighting back against Democrat efforts to strip voter protection laws and implement a nationwide vote by mail system. Recent wins for the party include in Iowa, North Carolina, Minnesota, Florida, and more.”

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