As President Trump pushed Joe Biden, calling him and the Democrats out for embracing socialism particularly when it comes to healthcare, a clearly frustrated Biden reacted hastily and set Trump up for an epic zinger.

The Democratic candidate was being pressed by President Trump on his healthcare beliefs, as Biden was attempting to convince the audience that the Democrats will let you keep private health insurance despite the fact that the top Democrats have mostly called for the elimination of private insurance.

“It’s not what you’ve said, and it’s not what your party has said,” Trump said.

“Your party wants to go socialist medicine and socialist healthcare. And they’re going to dominate you Joe you know that,” Trump said to Biden which set him off – forcing Joe to declare that he alone was the Democratic party.

“I am the Democratic Party right now,” Biden argued angrily. “The platform of the Democratic Party is what I, in fact, approve of, what I approved of.”

The president then countered Biden’s foolish response, telling the Democrat that he just “lost the left” of his party.

President Trump’s decision to press Biden on this issue was a brilliant one, as even Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate has called for the elimination of private health insurance, suggesting it’s a “great idea.”

Harris’ suggestion came during an ABC News interview in which she argued that eliminating private health insurance was one of the “great ideas” to fix problems within our health care system.

During that interview, Harris much like Biden attempted to mislead the public on her healthcare stance.

ABC News host David Muir asked Harris,“And you know I ask you this because you have pressure from the Left, you have pressure from the center, you’re trying to appeal to Republicans, and so on sort of the evolution on the issues when you talk about health care that you see eye to eye—do you see a day where private insurance would go away as you once proposed?”

“No, and in fact that my plan, when I was running, was that we would not eliminate private insurance,” Harris initially denied. “And Joe and I—”

“Even though you signed on for Medicare for All?” Muir pressed.

“I signed on to that. I signed on to a number of bills that were about great ideas to fix the problem,” Harris said of eliminating private health insurance. “I want to fix the problem. And Joe has a plan to fix the problem, and I’m fully supportive of it.”

Moreover, Harris was “the first Democrat to announce she’ll co-sponsor Sen. Bernie Sanders’ single-payer health care bill when it’s introduced in September,” according to a CNN report in 2017.

During the primary in June 2019, Harris raised her hand in support of eliminating private health insurance, but went on to walk back her support over the next few days.

The Democrats at the top are constantly flip-flopping on their beliefs, as they continue to prove that they don’t care about people or results – they only care about getting votes and will say and do whatever it takes to get them.

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