Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders revealed exactly how the Democrats plan to deploy him should they emerge victorious this November – and yes, it’s as bad as you’d think.

During a bizarre, nearly empty event in which Sanders was campaigning for Joe Biden, Sanders told the few members of the crowd that if the Democrats win the November election, he will be in charge of the country’s healthcare.

‘If the Democrats gain control of the Senate, you’re looking at the chairman of the Subcommittee on Health,” he said to subdued cheers.

During his most recent failed attempt to secure the Democratic nomination, Sanders advocated for a far-left single-payer healthcare system. And, while the Vermont Senator was certainly hesitant in backing Joe Biden at first even after it was clear he would not win the nomination, this may have been a deal he made with Democrat leadership in exchange for his fealty.

Sanders’ decision to expose this arrangement could backfire massively on the Biden campaign as they have attempted to tow the line between moderate and progressive in a desperate attempt to appeal to as many voters as possible, but this move indicates a more radical approach to a key issue among voters.

On top of that, the plan may not go over so smoothly for Sanders and his Democrat cohorts. Democrats are praying for a wave blue voters to help them regain the Senate due to the fact that a Republican majority would limit any meaningful attempts by the Democrats to force a radical healthcare policy down the throats of American citizens.

But Sanders’ influence on the Biden appears to be more widespread than just healthcare.

Sanders’ apparently tight-knit relationship with the Democratic nominee helps other radical Democrats in congress feel more comfortable pushing on Biden to get their way.

Progressive members of Congress, like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have publicly expressed hope that a “President Biden” would be malleable on key issues like health care and climate change — two arenas where progressives are pushing for major government expansion.

Sanders himself has also been quietly pressing on Joe Biden and his team to be more public about the candidate’s support for progressive issues.

“Senator Sanders is confident that Joe Biden is in a very strong position to win this election, but nevertheless feels there are areas the campaign can continue to improve upon,” one former campaign official told media, according to Fox News.

“He has been in direct contact with the Biden team and has urged them to put more emphasis on how they will raise wages, create millions of good-paying jobs, lower the cost of prescription drugs and expand health care coverage.”

Progressives have been training over the last four years to play a major role in the foundation of any Democrat in the White House. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has referred to himself as a “transitional” candidate.

It should be no question at this point, what exactly it is that the Democrats are looking to transition to – outright socialism.

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