The Commission on Presidential Debates changed the format for the next debate without consulting the President. The President will not participate.

Just the News reported:

The second presidential debate between President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will be virtual, the Commission for Presidential Debates said Thursday.

The change follows President Trump last week testing positive for the coronavirus.

The president said after the announcement that he would not participate.

“I’m not going to waste my time on a virtual debate. It’s not what debating is all about,” Trump reportedly said on the Fox Business Channel. “It’s ridiculous.”

The event will be at town hall style meeting with Trump and Biden at remote locations.

The Elections Commission without consulting the President this morning changed the format for the next debate.

Trump’s Campaign released the following statement:

President Trump says the Commission is trying to help Biden:

Author: Joe Hoft

Source: The Gateway Pundit: BREAKING: President Trump Announces He Will Not Participate in Next Debate After Presidential Debate Commission Changes Debate Format to Virtual to Help Joe Biden (VIDEO)

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