KABOOM – an email from Hunter’s laptop provides proof that the Bidens were paid to make the investigation of Burisma go away.

We now have proof that the Bidens were paid to have the prosecutor in Ukraine investigating Burisma fired. This was done, not because the prosecutor was corrupt but because the Bidens were paid to have him removed – the Bidens were corrupt.

Joe Biden bragged about this after he had the prosecutor removed in Ukraine:

Unfortunately for the Bidens an email shows that the Bidens were paid to have the prosecutor of Burisma removed.

The email from Burisma leaders says the ultimate purpose of the Bidens’ work is to “close down for any cases/pursuits against Nikolay[Burisma] in Ukraine”:

The Bidens were paid to make the cases in the Ukraine regarding Burisma go away. It was a quid pro quo. (The same charges that the Democrats fraudulently used against President Trump.) The Bidens are the criminals here.

A few weeks after this email, Joe Biden went to the Ukraine and had the prosecutor of Burisma fired.

The Bidens took money from Burisma to get rid of any cases involving Burisma in Ukraine courts – and that’s what they did.

Author: Joe Hoft

Source: The Gateway Pundit: BREAKING: Smoking Gun Email from Hunter’s Laptop Proves Bidens Were Paid to Shut Down Burisma Investigation and Make It Go Away

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