New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo flaunted the success of his book on his handling of the pandemic while positive coronavirus test rates continue to rise in his state.

The book, American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic, sold more than 11,800 copies since its release last week, enough to secure the No. 7 spot on the New York Times’s best sellers list. Cuomo made the announcement through his personal Twitter account Thursday.

Meanwhile, health officials in Brooklyn, Queens, and Rockland and Orange counties are reporting new outbreaks in certain concentrated areas, or microclusters. State health department findings showed that the positivity test rate in the microclusters is 3.2%, while the average statewide is 1.2%, an increase from the average rates of less than 1% from mid-August through September.

“We continue to take strong action to respond to outbreaks and to stop the spread,” Cuomo said. “Mask up.”

Author: Cassidy Morrison

Source: Washington Examiner: Andrew Cuomo touts book sales as New York infection rate rises

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