President Trump has more enthusiasm this year than in 2016. The attendance at his rallies is greater than 2016!

Since Labor day we count huge crowds for President Trump but very, very small crowds for former VP Biden. Some of Biden’s events have had no individuals present other than approved press or campaign workers. Many days Biden was not even out campaigning.

Below is the summary of events since Labor Day. President Trump has now held events with nearly a half a million event goers while Biden has entertained an estimated 677 event goers.

Note: These numbers are estimates based on data available. Please provide alternative numbers for consideration, if inclined.

Today we’ve compared this year’s results with 2016 results.

When comparing overall results for 2020 to 2016, President Trump is out performing 2016 in September and the average number of attendees at his rallies is greater than 2016!

Below is our comparison:

Based on ratios between 2020 and 2016, President Trump had more rallies and event goers in September this year when compared to 2016. The President is behind 2016 in events and attendance in October because of his contracting the coronavirus but he still may surpass last year’s October totals with the remaining time left this month.

Biden has kept pace with the President in number of events but the attendance at his events is abysmal. Even Hillary crushed Biden in attendance. Blame it on the coronavirus all you want, but the facts are Biden is getting crushed in attendees at events by President Trump and even by Hillary in 2016.

President Trump’s campaign is on fire:

The Biden rallies really are horribly attended:

In Summary – Joe Biden will never catch President Trump in crowd size or enthusiasm. Wait till all the Hunter Biden emails and pictures are released.

The President is even doing better than 2016 – the enthusiasm has never been better.

Author: Joe Hoft

Source: The Gateway Pundit: OUTSTANDING! Attendance and Enthusiasm at President Trump’s Rallies GREATER Than Attendance and Excitement 4 Years Ago in 2016

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