House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told fellow Democrats Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris “will have enough votes to win the Electoral College” but made no direct mention of House incumbent Democrats who lost to the GOP.

Pelosi, in a memo to fellow Democrats, said Biden “made it clear” in his afternoon press conference he would win the presidency, which, she said, will give the House “the opportunity to deliver extraordinary progress” on key Democratic priorities.

The California Democrat did not directly mention how her own party underperformed, despite polls and predictions saying it would expand its House majority by picking up five to 15 seats.

So far, House Republicans have netted a gain of five seats, defeating Democrats in surprise upsets in South Florida, Iowa, and other states, while holding on to seats pollsters expected would flip blue.

The Democratic majority is now reduced by five seats. Several races remain undecided.

Pelosi called the election “challenging” and praised all of the Democratic candidates.

“Our success enabled us to win in our ‘mobilization, messaging and money,’ forcing Republicans to defend their own territory,” Pelosi wrote to House Democrats.

Pelosi called on Democrats to “remain patient” while votes are counted in all the outstanding races.

The House is scheduled to return to Washington, D.C., in about two weeks and will likely be under pressure to pass a coronavirus spending package that can meet the approval of a newly emboldened Senate GOP, which defied polls and is now on track to maintain the majority.

Author: Susan Ferrechio

Source: Washington Examiner: Pelosi silent on House losses in Biden victory memo to fellow Democrats

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