President-elect Joe Biden announced on Sunday that his incoming administration will prioritize economic aid for certain businesses – focusing on certain races and genders of their choosing.

Biden’s questionable plan to prioritize select business in this manner sparked an extreme amount of controversy.

“Our focus will be on small businesses on Main Street that aren’t wealthy and well-connected, that are facing real economic hardships through not fault of their own,” Biden said in a video that was posted to his administration’s official transition Twitter account.

Biden continued saying that certain business owners who didn’t meet his desired race and gender requirements, would be sent to the backburner.

“Our priority will be Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American owned small businesses, women-owned businesses, and finally having equal access to resources needed to reopen and rebuild.”

“But we’re going to make a concerted effort to help small businesses in low-income communities in big cities, small towns, rural communities that have faced systemic barriers to relief,” he continued.

“Think of the mom and pop owner with a couple of employees who can’t pick up the phone and call a banker, who doesn’t have a lawyer, an accountant, to help them through this complicated process to know if they’re even qualified or who simply didn’t know where this relief is available in the first place.”

Saying we went through this “when we brought Detroit back off its knees,” Biden concluded: “And as we saw in this morning’s jobs report, restaurants, bars, and hospitality industry have been slammed by this virus. We’re going to direct to those businesses and others that have been so badly hit—hit the hardest. We owe them that support to help them get through the other side of this crisis.”

Responses to Biden’s remarks were met with an overwhelmingly negative response online, where critics pointed out that this policy was flat out racism and sexism.

“Whites need not apply. Unbelievable,” Obianuju Ekeocha wrote. “Would you want to also just round them up while we are at it? #ThisIsNotOfGod”

Alliance Imitative Executive Director Noah Pollak responded: “Asians have the highest median household incomes of any racial group in America, and it’s not even close — $87K vs $65K for whites, the next highest group. Why should they get preferential treatment? Identity politics is garbage.”

Ricochet Editor-in-chief Jon Gabriel wrote: “Can we please just help Americans without further dividing us into competing subgroups?”

Political commentator Leonydus Johnson wrote on Twitter: “This is actual institutional racism.”

Attorney Marina Medvin wrote on Twitter: “Discrimination based on race and sex of white men remains unlawful under federal law.”

Political commentator Wu Lebao wrote: “Are you implying minorities and women unlikely to own large businesses? That’s racist.”

Writer Rav Arora wrote: “Asians are doing economically far better than whites. One of the many flaws of the ideological ‘POC’ / ‘white’ model.”

Daily Wire author Matt Walsh inputted, “If you’re wondering what systemic racial discrimination actually looks like, the Harris Administration is about to give you a tutorial.”

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