As Biden has made some big promises of granting citizenship to illegals, a massive caravan of Honduran migrants is headed towards the U.S. border – fully intent on holding Biden to the promises he’s made.

The caravan of roughly 9,000 is demanding that the incoming Biden administration honor its “commitments” made to migrants and asylum seekers – otherwise known as a pledge made by Biden to take on a “new approach” to migration issues.

Guatemalan security forces on Sunday used sticks and tear gas to beat back a large migrant caravan bound for the United States, just days ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20.

Migrant rights group Pueblo Sin Fronteras said in a statement that it recognizes the importance of the incoming administration “having shown a strong commitment to migrants and asylum seekers.”

The incoming administration “presents an opportunity for the governments of Mexico and Central America to develop policies and a migration management that respect and promote the human rights of the population in mobility,” the statement said. “We will advocate that the Biden government honors its commitments.”

Biden’s campaign said on Dec. 19, 2020, that the former vice president and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador vowed in a phone call to hone a “new approach” to migration issues that “offers alternatives to undertaking the dangerous journey to the United States.”

President Trump throughout his tenure as president has prioritized cracking down on illegal immigration. Biden’s campaign has vowed to halt a Trump program called the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), however the transition team has said it will take time.

Biden in January had promised to, on day one of a Biden presidency, “eliminate President Trump’s decision to limit asylum and end the” program that sees asylum seekers remain in Mexico while waiting for the claims to be adjudicated.

Biden’s campaign website says he will “take urgent action to undo Trump’s damage and reclaim America’s values,” including reasserting “America’s commitment to asylum-seekers and refugees.” It says he would end Trump’s asylum policies, including the protocols.

Mark Morgan, acting chief of Customs and Border Protection, warned in a statement on Dec. 29 that rescinding humanitarian agreements that help protect America’s southern border would likely lead to “waves” of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border.

A massive migrant caravan formed in Honduras in anticipation of a Biden Administration.

According to Center for Immigration Studies, the new caravan left San Pedro Sula, Honduras on Friday and is hoping to reach the United States by January 20th.

Migrants overwhelmed the border security and trampled each other as they ran through the checkpoint. CNN interviewed a Honduran migrant who said he is heading to the United States because Joe Biden is going to help him and his fellow Hondurans.

Even Hondurans know that Joe Biden and the Democrat party support an “America last” agenda.

“What I want for my people, I just want to get to the US because they’re having a new president, with Biden, he’s going to help all of us. He’s giving us 100 days to get to the US and give us papers so we can get a better life for our kids and families,” he said.

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