After four years of torture abuse and lies President Trump’s approval on Tuesday hit 51%.

Democrats, their fake news media, the anti-American tech giants did all they could to smother this guy, to ruin him and his family.

President Trump stood tall. And President Trump stood for his convictions.

After the fraudulent 2020 election, President Trump spoke out. Democrats impeached him for calling his supporters to Washington to pressure lawmakers like Democrats do on a regular basis.

They want President Trump gone. He exposed their lies and failures.

On the day before the Inauguration of a stolen presidency President Trump scored a 51% approval rating.

After four years of constant assault, Democrats and their cohorts failed.

President Trump goes out on top.

Author: Jim Hoft

Source: The Gateway Pundit: Americans Love Trump: President Trump’s Approval Rating Hits 51% on Day before Inauguration

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