Google-owned video platform YouTube has once again extended its suspension of former President Donald Trump’s account on the platform. In a related move, Youtube also removed Rudy Giuliani from its Partner Program, which allows creators to earn ad revenue from their videos.

CNET reports that Google-owned video platform YouTube has announced that it is once again extending its suspension of former President Donald Trump from its platform. Trump was blacklisted from posting videos to his account on January 12, and comments on his videos will remain disabled indefinitely.

A YouTube spokesperson told CNET: “In light of concerns about the ongoing potential for violence, the Donald J. Trump channel will remain suspended. Our teams are staying vigilant and closely monitoring for any new developments.”

YouTube first extended Trump’s suspension last week, stating that it would reevaluate the situation in a week. A YouTube spokesperson declined to comment on the length of the suspension when asked by CNET.

Rudy Giuliani, former President Trump’s attorney, has also reportedly been removed from the YouTube Partner Program which allows YouTubers to make money from ads in their videos. The company claimed that Giuliani broke the site’s rules by repeatedly sharing misinformation related to the presidential election.

Google’s policies prohibit content alleging that “widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of a historical U.S. Presidential election.” However, YouTube does allow for “discussion of election results” on the platform.

Giuliani could appeal the suspension with YouTube or reapply to the Partner Program in 30 days.

Author: Lucas Nolan

Source: Breitbart: YouTube Extends Trump Account Suspension – Again

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