Joe Biden demanded Congress enact “commonsense gun law reform” on the third anniversary of the Parkland school shooting. 

Biden exploited the tragedy on his Twitter, reminding us of the 17 people who died, and using that to push radical legislation placing the constitutional rights of the American people in to question.

The suspected lone gunman, Nikolas Cruz, currently awaits trial as coronavirus has caused major delays in the legal system. 

After the shooting, many of the survivors became activists, some of them poisoned by radical Left-wing ideology. Biden remained vague, but seemed to ignore the teenage Republican survivors currently standing up for the Constitution. 

” Time and again, the Parkland families have taught us something very profound. They have showed us how we can turn our grief into activism — to organize, march, and build an inclusive, strong, and durable movement for change,” he said.

Biden added his administration “will not wait” for another mass shooting to enact far-reaching gun control laws. 

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