On Friday, Minneapolis severely backtracked from its original call to completely defund the police department after George Floyd’s death. Residents, business owners and elected officials have pleaded with the radical activists in Minneapolis, citing longer response times from police officers. 

A budget increase of $6.4 million was voted on unanimously by the City Council on Friday.  

The department is currently in turmoil. Reports from the Minneapolis Bureau of Police states officer readiness is at an all-time-low. The police department currently employs just over 600 officers, down over 200 since last year. An unprecedented number of officers quit or went on extended medical leave after the unrest following Floyd’s death. 

As new recruit classes are underway, the department expects to employ 28 new officers by the end of 2021 — a far cry from what’s required to maintain safety in a city like Minneapolis. 

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and the Police Chief promised to update the application process for potential police officers to include questions about whether they have lived in the city, have degrees in social work, psychology, criminology or counseling, and if they belong to a number of Leftists ‘Defund the Police’ groups.

Three City Council radicals have proposed completely replacing the police department with a public health department with a small law enforcement unit under its umbrella. A contingency of local groups, is also collecting signatures to try to get a similar proposal on the November ballot.

It has been reported the radical organization is largely funded by Deep State billionaire George Soros. 

The petition would remove police department language from the city charters, “and would include licensing ‘peace officers’ to maintain law enforcement roles, only calling on traditional police for backup when necessary.

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