The increasingly radical House Democrats are doing some hiring. 

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently brought on board a new senior strategic advisor who believes all cops are “white supremacists” and “nazis” according to his twitter. 

Dyjuan Tatro made the comments before stepping on as senior adviser for the DCCC. 

Brian Sicknick, U.S. Capitol police officer, died after defending the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Tatro scrambled to delete incriminated tweets, all in question seemed to be erased and a new disclaimer on his bio reads, “my views” in an effort to show distance from party centrists and to protect him legally. 

Tatro characterized looting as “protests against systemic racism” in August.

Tatro also compared reforming police to reviving Nazism.

In June he wrote, “Should we go ahead and revive Nazism since all Nazis aren’t bad the same way we should support police because all cops aren’t bad? 

A spokesman for the DCCC pushed back against criticism, celebrating Tatro’s past a convicted gang member more than a decade ago. The DCCC seems to believe Tatro’s criminal history qualifies him as a perfect candidate for a senior advisor. 

“Dyjuan Tatro rightfully served his time. After becoming a national progressive leader in a bipartisan push to reform education, the DCCC decided he’d be a perfect strategist for our new direction,” the spokesman added. 

Announcing Tatro’s hire, the DCCC released a statement touting his “history of progressive politics.” Right, because that’s what America needs!

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