Donald Trump surprised a gathering of his devotees in Palm Beach, Florida. The crowd was celebrating President’s Day by honoring Trump’s contribution to the White House. 

The former president drove slowly through the jubilant crowd in a black SUV. Secret Service agents were heavily guarding the SUV as well as the surrounding area. 

Trump’s iconic blond locks could be seen through the slightly tinted windows in the back seat of the SUV. Trump graciously acknowledged the crowd, waving as his supporters hold supportive signs and chant, “U.S.A!” 

Trump’s motorcade made its way through the exuberant crowd and back on the highway. The event was heavily guarded by the police. 

The rally, about a mile away from Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago, remained totally peaceful. Hundreds of supporters lined the streets to celebrate President’s Day and honor the man who radically changed American politics forever. 

Fans of President Donald Trump continue to show their affection. 

It’s reported that a woman from Texas spend over $1000 to fly a plane over Mar-a-Lago with the message “We Love You President Trump. Happy Valentine’s Day!” 

Another message for Trump flew over his South Florida home on Monday, “We ❤️ Trump! The Best is Yet to Come.”

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