America was reminded just how biased the mainstream media is with a pair of “news” articles written about Biden’s every day life. 

It was reported that Biden was playing Mario Kart with his granddaughter and that he won. It was even noted in the headline that Biden played with the ‘Luigi’ character. No mention of Trump’s relationships with his grandchildren were ever mentioned by the same publications. 

President’s Day coverage while Trump was in office was not the fawning praise that Biden receives. A quick search will prove just that. Liberal publications instead reported on Trump’s holiday activities as “odd” and “embarrassing to the office of president” when he took to twitter to bash the special investigation against him at the time. In fact, he was proven right when it was determined he never colluded with the Russians as widely reported by mainstream publications. Another example of anti-Trump bias: An article titled “9 totally unpresidential things Donald Trump tweeted over Presidents Day weekend” was circulated and celebrated.

Nothing supportive about how he “relaxed.” One can imagine that if Trump had beaten his granddaughter at a game of Mario Kart, one of the usual-suspect feminist writers would publish a screed about how Trump was an example of the patriarchy and tying him to GamerGate and all the misinformation about that movement parroted by the media.

On Tuesday morning, CNN published its own bootlicking article about Biden flying on Air Force One and reading the newspaper. The article then becomes a boring but slavish praise of Biden’s presidential routine, including how he likes to light the Oval Office fireplace and go to bed early.

Compare these two articles, plus the numerous tweets and articles about Biden’s wife and dogs, to how the press covered Trump’s mundane presidential habits. For Trump, everything was negative, CNN even went so far as to omit relevant information from Trump’s trip to Japan in order to paint him in a bad light. Recall the koi pond incident, in which CNN headlined its article “Trump feeds fish, winds up pouring entire box of food into koi pond,” and broadcast video of the alleged infraction that left out Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe doing the exact same thing first.

CNN also chastised Trump for drinking Diet Coke and taking two scoops of ice cream. Those articles were free of any positive words, instead including descriptions such as “vicious.” The headline for the ice cream article was “Trump gets 2 scoops of ice cream, everyone else gets 1,” yet included no additional information about this, such as whether Trump refused to allow anyone else to have two scoops or whether this is just a meaningless preference. It’s pretty obvious the story would have been covered differently if it were about Biden.

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