CNN demanded that Chris Cuomo stop interviewing his brother, the now defamed governor of New York Andrew Cuomo.

The fake news network claimed Gov. Cuomo’s 2020 appearances on Chris’ show was an exception to company policy. 

CNN never acknowledged any wrongdoing, defended the governor’s appearances on the show. The network never took responsibility for allowing Cuomo a pass despite his deadly response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The interviews between the Cuomo brothers have been widely criticized for focusing too closely on jovial banter and not on the objective facts surrounding Gov. Cuomo’s failed response to the coronavirus.

“We were facing an extraordinary time in the beginning months of the pandemic,” the fake news outlet said said. “We encouraged Chris to speak to his brother about the challenges millions of Americans were facing at the time. We made an exception to the rule put in place in 2013 that bans Chris from interviewing his brother. That rule goes back in place effective immediately”

CNN had covered news surrounding the governor “extensively,” the outlet said.

Chris Cuomo and the entire network has remained silent on Gov. Cuomo’s order that resulted in the untimely death of thousands of elderly nursing home patients. Recently a former aide to the governor spoke out about the tragedy unfolding behind the scenes in the Cuomo administration. 

CNN has maintained its silence. 

The FBI and Brooklyn federal prosecutors are reportedly investigating how Cuomo handled the nursing home data. 

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