Republicans continue to adore President Trump despite the disgust felt by the RINOs in the Washington GOP establishment. 

Trump topped conservative hero Ronald Reagan as ‘best president ever’ in a poll conducted after the former president’s second impeachment trial.

In fact, Republicans selected Trump 2-1 over Reagan, a huge jump after the poll was first taken over three years ago.

The latest YouGov survey concluded 36% of Republicans called Trump the best president ever. Only 18% considered Reagan the best, followed by 13% for President Abraham Lincoln and 11% for George Washington.

Republicans chose Reagan 36% to Trump’s 10% in 2018.

This poll comes shortly after seven Republican Senators voted to convict President Trump after Democrats accused him of inciting an insurrection on Jan. 6. Mitch McConnell, though voting to acquit, has since bashed the former president from the Senate floor. 

It is further evidence that Trump remains the leader of the Republican Party in the eyes of Republicans. Another survey this week found that 75% want Trump to have a “prominent role” in the GOP.

Trump blasted the ‘swamp’ and establishment Republicans in a statement released since his acquittal. Trump has promised to dedicate his political influence to winning back a Republican majority in 2022.

YouGov said that Trump and former President Barack Obama are considered the worst, a sign of the division in the nation.

Still, overall, Trump comes in third as the best president among all Americans. Those results:

  • Obama 18%.
  • Lincoln 17%.
  • Trump 13%.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt 12%.
  • Reagan 10%.

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