Joe Biden’s White House finally said the quiet part out loud. They’ve finally admitted there’s no plan to help Americans return to post-Covid normalcy. 

White House Press Sec. Jen Psaki was forced to clarify statements Biden made just a day earlier when he claimed America would be “back to normal” by Christmas 2021. 

Scientists believe Joe Biden’s goal is attainable, contingent on a certain number of Americans receiving the coronavirus vaccine.

On Wednesday, Psaki bowed to the uncertainty.

“We want to be straight with the American people. We are not in a position to predict when Americans can carry on as they did before the coronavirus pandemic.”

Psaki blamed the delay on Americans who are reluctant to receive the coronavirus vaccine. Without any hesitation, she redirected responsibility away from the White House and directly toward concerned Americans. 

“I believe the President wants to return to normal like most Americans do,” she added. “We just don’t know when that will be.”

Psaki’s comments are what we’ve learned to expect from the Biden administration in regards to tackling this virus. 

While demonstrating a sense of urgency with daily Covid briefings, press junctions with scientists and doctors and other constant updates, the Biden administration has largely been all talk no action. Vaccines are increasingly difficult for the average American citizen to receive and matter have been made more complicated with mutated strains of the deadly virus. 

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