Facebook has put their stamp of approval on the genocide China’s communist regime is currently unleashing against the Uyghur peopl.

The social media giant has allowed the Communist regime to space for ads that spread disinformation about the genocide.  

A local report revealed:

Leaders in the west have widely condemned China’s treatment of the Muslim Uyghur people. Last year the U.S. called out the regime, calling their handing of the minority group a “genocide.”

No only has facebook allowed the Chinese government ad space, they’ve accepted additional funding to help promote the ads “debunking” western lies about the Uyghur genocide. 

Facebook accepted less than $400 from China’s state website for ad space on their page with millions on followers. 

With pressure from the Democrats, Facebook enacted a milquetoast campaign to fight “misinformation,” mostly targeting right-wing news and other Republican groups. 

Facebook became on of the first companies in Silicon Valley to permanently delete President Donald Trump. Just a few weeks later, China’s propaganda arm was allowed to run more ads on the platform, according to Press Gazette

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