Republican David Perdue remained vague as to whether he would run for Senate again — until now.

The Georgia Republican who lost his Senate seat in 2020 to Democrat Jon Ossoff decided against running again in 2022, clearing a path for young conservative talent to rise up. 

“This not a political decision, it’s a personal one,” Perdue said. “I will do everything I can do to ensure whoever wins the Republican primary will defeat the Democrat candidate for Georgia’s senate next year.”

Perdue has kept many on their toes regarding his potential election re-do. His decision not to run comes after filing the required paperwork to run against Sen. Warnock – one of the two newly elected Democrat senators from Georgia. Perdue took to twitter to clarify this move was purely a legal one in an effort to keep his options open. 

Georgia has become a major GOP target after Democrats were successful in flipping the state blue in 2020.

Perdue’s decision not to run lessens concerns GOP leaders had with another possible contentious senate race in 2022. With Perdue stepping aside, GOP can push forward some young talent who may appeal to a wider voter base. 

But  former GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who also unfortunately lost her Senate seat, revealed to a reporter a rematch with Warnock is “certainly on the table.” Former Republican Rep. Doug Collins is also said to be considering a run for that seat. 

This could set up another bitter primary next year, even though Republicans are wary to replicate a fight between Loeffler and Collins last year that allowed Warnock to go relatively unscathed in the general election.

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