A new economic report shows that Big Tech Giants – Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Facebook –  were key investors in Joe Biden’s White House transition process. Many former employees of these companies have been rewarded with jobs in the current administration.

Biden’s transition team ‘raised’ more than $20 million – a vast increase from previous administrations. Hollywood celebrities like Robert De Niro and Deep State billionaires like George Soros were paramount in Biden’s ability to raise such an insane amount of money.  

Nearly $25 million has been spent by Biden’s team according to the report. Most of those funds, about $22 million, Biden arranged through private donors.  

By contrast, Barack Obama raised about $4 million, while Donald Trump raised raised $6.5 million.

Typically presidential transition teams are paid for by a mixture of public and private funds. Individual donations are capped at $5,000 per person. 

Here are some of the major names that donated to Biden’s efforts:

Deep State billionaire George Soros ($5,000)

DreamWorks cofounder Jeffrey Katzenberg: ($5,000)

Cartoon creator Seth MacFarlane ($5,000)

Former Governor Terence McAuliffe ($5,000)

Film heiress Abigail Disney ($5,000)

Billionaire heiress Laurene Powell Jobs ($5,000)

Hollywood’s Sharon Stone ($5,000)

Actress Patricia Arquette (5,000)

Leading actor Leonardo DiCaprio ($5,000)

Investor James Chanos ($5,000)

Washed-up actress Jennifer Aniston ($5,000)

Anti-Trump actor Robert De Niro ($5,000)

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