Joe Biden may be on a mission to destroy President Trump’s legacy, but there’s one immigration policy he’s leaving in place. 

The Biden administration is expelling thousands of migrants back to their home countries using a pandemic order put in place by former President Trump.  

Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary, admits the administration is using Trump’s “Title 42” public health order as a tool for deportation. Mayorkas said the administration is using the order only because a better one hasn’t yet been put in place, not because he believes asylum seekers should be turned away.  

Trump’s order allows ICE officials to deport migrants quickly, over 62,000 in January alone. 

Most of the deportations have been single adults, but illegal border crossings by children and families have complicated Biden’s efforts to reverse Trump’s border policies.  

“It’s bad and it’s getting worse,” an ICE agent said of Biden’s growing border crisis. 

Nevertheless, Homeland Security spokespeople continue to warn hopeful border crossers, saying, “The border is not open right now.” 

Far-Left immigration advocates, however, are begging the Biden administration to drop Trump’s Title 42. 

The White House has said they needed more time to deal with the situation at the border. Press Secretary Jen Psaki has routinely bypassed reporters’ questions in an attempt to justify Biden’s campaign backtracks. 

Despite the broken campaign promises, Biden is quickly learning that maybe Trump’s immigration policies were put in place to benefit America and the people living in it. 

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