President Trump is taking names. 

In his CPAC speech on Sunday, Former President Trump revealed his intention to get a certain kind of Republican elected, naming those in the House and Senate he plans to target.  

Trump said he will be working tirelessly to elect “strong, tough and smart” Republican leaders. 

“Top establishment Republicans in Washington should spend their energy opposing the radical agenda of Biden, Schumer, Pelosi and the Democrats instead of attacking me, and more importantly, my supporters,” Trump told the CPAC crowd.  ”

Trump then went on to name those in the House and Senate he will seek to out-seat: 

Trump made special attention of Rep. Liz Cheney following her virulent anti-MAGA stance and support for his second impeachment. The Former President didn’t mince words, calling her a “war monger” for her continued support of the ongoing wars in the Middle East. 

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