President Trump contracted Biden’s pro-war policies during his CPAC speech on Sunday. The Former President reminded the crowd of his orders to quickly and resolutely bring U.S. troops home from the Middle East 

As Trump left office merely six weeks ago, he said in celebration, “The endless wars that go on forever have virtually ended. The troops are coming home.” However, the Biden administration is quickly erasing this period of success.  

“I would see caskets and coffins coming arriving. I’d see the wives, the husbands, the parents, I would see the kids,” Trump said said to the crowd.  “We have Afghanistan down to almost nothing after 19 years, and they want to go back in” he added. 

He continued to give a brutal reminder of what transpired in Iraq shortly after the attacks on 9/11. 

“Remember Iraq? I used to say don’t go in, but if you’re going to go in, keep the oil. Well, we went in, and we didn’t keep the oil.”

The Trump administration made peace deals in the Middle East that namely nobody thought possible. A domino effect has occurred as Arab countries continue to make peace agreements with Israel. 

He noted, “The last year of my administration not one U.S. soldier was killed in Afghanistan. Not one.”

Trump ordered a massive troop drawback before leaving office. Many were sent home because Biden assumed power. 

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has ramped up tensions in the Middle East after a “strategic” bombing on certain infrastructure in Syria used by Iranian-backed militias.  

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