The overwhelming lack of transparency in the Biden White House is drawing major concerns. 

Joe Biden has failed on a promise to reform the White House into a transparent working organ, supposedly in contrast to Trump’s more secure policies. 

While Biden did bring back the daily press briefings, he’s yet to hold one on his own, nor has he released the White House visitors log which includes the names of people attending virtual meetings. The White House has failed to release the schedules of the President or Vice President as well. Many watchdog groups focused on government transparency have urged the Biden White House to become more transparent. 

“The steps the Biden Administration are insufficient for the time,” said the leader of a left-leaning watchdog group. “They must begin ‘showing their work’ by opening Cabinet meetings, disclosing information, and using political capital to emphasize that being transparent isn’t just an option but an obligation for the government.”

The Bookings Institution recently released a damning ethics report, noting “the Biden administration faces the daunting task of repairing breaches in mechanisms designed to provide transparency and taking affirmative steps to fulfill the promise of open government in statutes like the Freedom of Information Act. … The new president must embrace transparency as a core value and reinforce that message with concrete actions. These include proactively releasing high-value information, revising classification policies and procedures to counter the problem of over-classification, and improving the quality and usability of data.”

In an effort to save the Biden from his own lies, a White House spokesperson said “President Biden committed during the campaign to restoring ethics and transparency to government, and in his first weeks in office he’s taken significant steps to deliver on that, including by reinstating the daily press briefing, putting in place sweeping ethics guidelines for the administration, and pledging to regularly release visitor logs again.”

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