Fake News is up to their tricks yet again.

In an attempt to sow discord, Bloomberg has created a story based on unnamed “sources close to the president”. The report claims that President Trump is being heavily advised to dump Pence before 2024, a charge advisors close to the Former President deny. 

The report claims that Trump’s team is in the process of identifying a “black or female running mate for Trump’s likely 2024 run”. North Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is at the top of the rumor mill for potential running mates for Trump.

Donald Trump Jr. has signed on to host a fundraiser for the Governor where the Former President is slated to give a speech.

Trump’s advisor shot down the rumors on Twitter:

According to the unnamed “sources close to the Former President” Trump will not announce the Pence split until the summer of 2023. 

On January 6, Mike Pence refused to reject the Electoral College decision to elect Joe Biden as president. Trump immediately railed against that decision on his Twitter. That same day, during the Capitol protests, some of Trump’s most fervent supporters were heard chanting “hang Mike Pence” while Secret Service helped evacuate his entire family to a safe bunker. 

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