The U.S. Supreme Court betrayed the American voters on Monday when they threw out what remained of Trump’s lawsuits challenging the 2020 election results. These suits were the last remaining pathway President Trump and his legal team planned to take.   

Without comment, the high court rejected President Trump’s claims that election laws were indeed broken in the battleground state of Wisconsin. Trump argued against the use of mail in ballots, which inevitably resulted in Biden’s “victory” in that state by a mere 20,000 votes. 

The petitions filed out of Wisconsin were wholly disregarded by the nation’s highest court.

The court on Feb. 22 turned away Trump’s other two appeals — a second Wisconsin challenge and one relating to voting in Pennsylvania, another pivotal state Trump lost. Lower courts previously had ruled against Trump in those three cases.

It already was clear that the high court, which includes three justices appointed by Trump, had no intention to intervene in the cases and others filed by his allies because it did not act before Congress on Jan. 6 certified Biden’s victory. That formal certification was interrupted when protesters attacked the U.S. Capitol.

In the Wisconsin case, Trump sued two days after the state had certified its election results. He challenged several Wisconsin election policies including one allowing the use of drop boxes for absentee ballots during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both a federal judge and the Chicago-based 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the claims, noting in part that Trump had waited too long to sue.

Trump continues to claim that the Nov. 3 presidential election was stolen from him through widespread voting fraud and irregularities. Republicans are focusing on those allegations in a push n effort to impose new voting restrictions in numerous states.

The Supreme Court on Monday also turned away another election-related case filed by Trump ally Lin Wood, who had asked the justices to block the Jan. 5 Senate runoff elections in Georgia. The court never acted on the request and Democrats won both races, giving them narrow control of the Senate.

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