Gov. Andrew Cuomo was once heralded in the press and with liberals alike as the best example to handle the Coronavirus pandemic. Finally the press has come around to the truth and his book publisher is finally taking notice. 

Crown Publishing Group announced that not only will they cease all promotion of the Governor’s book, but will halt all production of the paperback version as well. 

The company cited “the ongoing investigation into Cuomo’s false reporting of nursing home mortalities during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic,” the paper said.

Gov. Cuomo’s aides allegedly fabricated a report from state health officials to conceal 9,250 coronavirus deaths in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

New York Republican leaders have stated they plan to move forward with articles of impeachment against Gov. Cuomo. 

Many state leaders are questioning the role his book deal had in his decision to forge state health reports. 

The book, American Crisis, was published October 13 and since that time there have reportedly been 15,025 coronavirus deaths in New York, according to the Times article.

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