Joe Biden just got Nancy Pelosi out of a jam.

The “COVID Relief” bill proposed by Joe Biden and approved by Democrats in both Congressional chambers will essentially erase the $650 million budget deficit inflicting San Fransisco today. Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s district is in San Fransisco.   

S.F.’s budget will be saved from painful budget cuts that were looming over thanks to Biden and Nancy’s stimulus. 

When signed into law, the bill will inject around $600 million into San Fran’s economy over the next two years. This leaves a $50 gap that local lawmakers are prepared to deal with.

Ironically, the city reported a $125 million surplus this year.

San Fransisco has been in trouble for a while now. Even before the pandemic, residents were leaving en masse due to rampant homelessness, petty crime, and sky-high housing costs. However, migration from the Bay Area increased over 30% at the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The Coronavirus “Relief” measure passed 219-212 in the House. Not a single Republican voted for the bill. 

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