Fox News reporter Peter Doocy let White House Press Sec. have it on Wednesday when he asked about the hypocrisy of Biden’s immigration policies. 

Doocy, speaking for a majority of Americans here, asked why migrant shelters for children are opened at full capacity while American schools remain closed. 

Watch their exchange:

“What school in particular…didn’t do that?” Psaki responded, to which Doocy replied: “Are most schools in this country at full capacity with in-person learning?”

Psaki argued that the CDC merely issued guidelines for schools to follow as they reopen. She claims no one is forcing schools to adopt any certain guidelines. She also insisted that many of the defunct schools need more government funding to reopen, a position Biden often takes. 

That’s always the Democrats answer – more government money. 

When asked, Psaki refused to answer whether Border Patrol Unions were easier to work with than Teachers Unions. The latter has been a major roadblock in getting schools reopened, while the former says nothing about cramped quarters for children during a pandemic.  

Psaki then proceeded to laugh at Doocy’s line of questioning. 

“It’s not funny,” Doocy demanded. 

Last week, the CDC lifted any pandemic restrictions that prevented child migrant facilities to operate at full capacity. 

Biden’s immigration advisers issued a memo to border officials warning them of “increased COVID cases” do to the cramped quarters. 

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