Joe Biden signed the mammoth multi-trillion-dollar Coronavirus spending bill into law on Thursday. His first legislative “win” is a giant loss for the integrity and future of America. 

Republicans jammed the legislation through without any Republican support. 

While the measure does come with $1,400 stimulus checks for most Americans and an unemployment benefit extension, it also bails out poorly, often Democrat-run cities and states. The Democrats jam-packed the bill with billions in spending unrelated to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Biden initially scheduled the signing of the bill on Friday, but in an effort to seem expedient, signed the bill into law a day earlier.

The Democrats are thrilled with Biden’s signature on the bill. They’ve been running a two-month marathon to secure trillions in federal money to bail out, not only the American people, but their failing home districts as well. 

Democrats have boasted their success in passing ‘the most progressive bill in American history’. 

On the other hand, Republicans, none of which supported the bill, are sounding the alarm on the tremendous amount of wasteful spending. Many Republicans claim the bill is nothing but a laundry list of Far-Left initiatives disguised as stimulus for the American people.

There is no precedent for the sheer size of this spending bill. The Iraq War was cheaper. 

Under Trump lawmakers already approved over $4 billion in relief aid – $2 billion of which has yet to be spent. The exorbitant spending has pushed America’s debt into levels never even imaginable – over $3.1 trillion. 

From here, the president is set to kick off an aggressive travel campaign to sell the relief plan to American voters and convince them it’s responsible for the economy’s recovery. 

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