The results of a recent poll signal that America’s attitude on the George Floyd case is changing.

Only 36% of adults believe George Floyd was murdered by the Minneapolis Police. 

These results stand in total contrast to the results from last summer when 60% of American adults believed the police murdered him. 

Shockingly 8% of adults believe George Floyd’s death was an accident, and 18% are unsure what to call his death. 

Not so shockingly, Black Americans were more likely to call Floyd’s death a murder, 64% than white people, at 28%.

The Black Lives Matter movement took a giant dip in trust with the American people as well. Last summer 65% of adults polled said they supported some aspect of BLM. This month only 45% of adults will make that claim. 

Former Minneapolis police officer Dereck Chauvin is on trial for the murder of George Floyd. 

Earlier this week a judge slapped a third-degree murder charge on Chauvin in addition to the second-degree and manslaughter charges. 

Floyd’s death sparked a backlash no one could have ever anticipated. Entire cities were burned, police were attacked, and business destroyed. Police will remain on high alert for the duration of Chauvin’s trial. 

Leftist activists have already established another “Autonomous Zone” in Minneapolis as the trial kicks off. 

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